Top 10 questions tenants have:

Q1: How much are the moving in costs?

No letting fees (elsewhere letting fees are typically one week plus GST).
Bond is 4 weeks.
Rent is paid in advance either weekly/fortnightly/monthly to coincide with a pay day.

What do I need to do to apply for a property?

Fill out our tenancy application form and attach a copy of your driver’s licence or passport.

How many references do I need to provide?

At least two.
Preferable references include landlords, accountants and employers. No family or friends.

Who should I put down as a reference?

Ideally your current landlord and employer.
If these are not available then previous landlord, previous employer, real estate agent (if you have just sold your home), lawyer/accountant/supplier (if self-employed).

How long does it take to process my application?

We aim to turn them around within 24hrs, but it does depend upon how easily your references are to get a hold of. Providing us with cell phone numbers can help.

When is the bond and rent in advance due?

One week before the tenancy starts.

How does Boutique record the condition of the property before the tenancy starts?

At the key handover we provide you with a written report and photos of the property which we give tenants two weeks to go through and come back to us if there is anything the tenants do not agree with.

How frequent are inspections?

They occur one month after the tenancy starts and all going well then every three months thereafter. A letter and an email will be sent out to you to inform you of the inspection and if you can’t be at home then we will use our security keys to access the property and leave you a business card so you know we have been.

What do we do if we have a maintenance matter?

If it is not urgent, you can submit your maintenance request online, send us an email, text (we would appreciate it if you didn’t text after 8pm) or call us on 04 972 2664.
We are on call 24-7 for urgent matters, just call us on our mobile which is 029 972 2664.

What happens if I sign a fixed term tenancy and for some unforeseen reason I need to break the tenancy early?

If you were to leave earlier than the fixed term ending date you would let us know and we would then start the following process:

  • Advertising – we would advertise the property on your behalf but the cost of doing so is up to the tenant to cover. There is no charge for our website and see's property fee calculator for Trade Me charges.
  • Rent – you are of course responsible for the rent up to when a suitable replacement tenant is found and the three working days we require between tenancies. The three working days allow for the final inspection; time for you to return to address any issues we find yourself or time for contractors to be called in if need be and the costs taken out of the bond; and for a new set of photos and list of chattels to be recorded for the new tenants.
  • Showings – we will call you to arrange showing times.
  • Cost of credit checks – with each application we process there is one final charge which we do pass back onto the outgoing tenant and that is the cost of the credit check $16.95. We would leave this being our last check after calling references to help avoid any unnecessary costs for you.